Sheriff James StuartSheriff James Stuart took office in January, 2011 and has continued working hard on behalf of our citizens since then. The Anoka County Sheriff's Office has a strong history of pursuing excellence since 1857. Sheriff Stuart has been proud to be part of that history, and is honored to be the county's 17th Sheriff.

He held a variety of roles prior to being elected by the citizens to be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the county. Specifically, just prior to the election, he was a Division Commander for the Anoka County Sheriff's Office. His experience also includes having been a Lieutenant for the Patrol Division, a Sergeant in the Office of Professional Standards, Sergeant in the Civil Unit, Sergeant in the Patrol Division, Assistant S.W.A.T. Team Commander, Field Training Operations Director, K-9 Unit Supervisor and Honor Guard Unit Director to name a few.

His commitment to service, collaboration and cooperation have aided him in his pursuit of new programs and enhanced public safety for all 21 communities of Anoka County. Throughout his career, he has been consistent in his performance as a leader with integrity and a focus on service while being mindful of fiscal responsibilities and an allegiance to his oath. He has a proven track record of strong leadership in diverse and challenging environments and has also demonstrated a commitment to being fair, responsible with what is entrusted to him, and the continued pursuit of excellence. Sheriff Stuart is also a member of numerous committees and organizations that focus on service and justice on local and national levels.

As a former Marine, he understands the value of a strong and effective leader and has proven that he can lead the sheriff's office further into the future. As a result of his service to others, he has been honored with many awards and acknowledgments.

Sheriff Stuart has the proven moral character to guide through challenging times and has shown that he is dedicated to collaboration and team building efforts. He is a firm believer in community involvement and charitable work and strives to inspire those values in others and in the youth of our communities.

Sheriff Stuart possess a background & experience that cannot be substituted and motivation that cannot be rivaled. He sees his role as standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves and always striving to do the right thing. The citizens of Anoka county have benefitted from having a Sheriff who understands local community needs as well as governmental procedures in order to get things done efficiently and effectively on their behalf.
Sheriff Stuart is a "Big picture" visionary who strives to develop more efficient operations and provide better service. To our point, Sheriff Stuart has said many times, "I believe we are all given an opportunity to make a difference in our communities. It is what we do with that opportunity that defines us."

We thank you very much for your support of our Sheriff!

The Stuart for Sheriff Volunteer Committee

Re-Elect Kickoff, Thursday, April 3, 4:30-7pm, Harvest Grill, Coon Rapids


Sheriff James Stuart

Re-Election Kick-Off
Thursday, April 3
4:30 - 7:00 PM
Harvest Grill - Coon Rapids

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